RMS Titanic By Adam Young

One of my favorite feelings in the world is when you listen to a song and you can feel the music pulse throughout your body as you listen. I love the chill I get when the notes hit an eerie tune or the pounding in my chest that follows the dramatic beat of the drum. When my breath gets caught in my chest and I can physically feel my body going cold because of the perfect combination of piano and whatever other instrument. I was never the best music student, but let me tell you, I’m a wonderful music fan.


Now I want to talk about a certain score that has caught my attention recently. RMS Titanic by the very talented Adam Young, also known for his beautiful works under the alias Owl City. If you haven’t gotten around to listening to Adam’s latest projects yet I seriously recommend it. Not only is RMS Titanic a beautiful masterpiece, but his previous score, Apollo 11, is one heck of a sound too. I don’t even think I can find the right words the describe these works, but I’m going to try my best to do these musical masterpieces justice.

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Of Music and Art

I’m not sure if anyone’s seen this video yet, but I just really like it because it’s got a very nice, cool tune and the video’s just really relaxing in general, I tend to like to watch it when I’m stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious, etc because it just kinda calms me down, but not only is it a very well done video that catches the eye and ear, but in general the message just kind of stands out to me.

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The Art of Animation and Some Ghosties

I think my focus for this blog post will be animation. Animated shorts, animated videos, animated films, just… that’s just a topic I’m really passionate about. It’s just something I enjoy doing and enjoy talking about, like all the hard work and creativity that goes into every piece… It’s just plain insane how you can make an entire video, even entire movies just by drawing each picture out, I mean… think about it. You need about 12 frames for one second of animation, and that’s pretty low quality too. Most professionals and even amateurs who want to be respected in their field want to go for at least 24 for frames per second or even 30. So you’re making about 24 drawings for only a second of animation, and a movie is what… about an hour and a half long? That’s like… a lot of seconds.

So much time and work goes into making animated works and I just admire that so much. The animation industry is so huge, so many people put so much time and work into making it happen.

What I actually want to shift my focus to is this animated music video right here. The song is called Ghosts by Mystery Skulls, and their music is pretty rad too, I definitely recommend to check them out. This music video, if you haven’t seen it yet, has sort of been booming on social media, well at least the social media I hang around. It’s been out for… what… 3 days about? And there’s already all this really cool fanart and theories, man I just think that’s so cool.


( Credit to squigglydigg )


( Credit to xpsychohogx )


( Credit to relina-ru )

And the video itself is just gorgeously done, the animation’s lovely and has many references to Scooby Doo (which was a very tasteful touch in my opinion), the story was well thought out and presented nicely. The style is adorable and absolutely lovely. It’s use of the heart theme to fit along with the bass throughout the short was a nice touch as well. Honestly, it was just really rad and I love it.

I mean that’s not the only really awesome short out there, gosh my list of shorts is just about endless, I spend so much time watching them because they’re so dang great! Sadly, Ghosts is the only one I think I’m going to gush about today, but I think a few more worth mentioning are:

Just a few cute animated videos and shorts I enjoy watching. Will probably talk more about in the future, but for now I’d have to call it a night.