Modern Slavery, Modern Catastrophe

I’d like to start off this blog post by saying happy new year, before going off about a more morbid subject of modern slavery. It’s something that’s seemed to come up in my life fairly frequently lately, and it’s something I’d just like to take a moment and discuss my ideas upon, take a moment to really shine some light upon the subject. Perhaps take a moment to watch this video, and maybe it’ll help give a little more insight to the whole thing, it personally gave me much to think about.

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Memoir of a Dream

I’ve always thought it was really weird because I’ve always had the most vivid dreams, so vivid in fact until I wake up I genuinely think they’re real and happening. Now maybe that isn’t too odd, everyone has a cool dream and it’s hard to decipher dream from reality unless one is trained in the art of lucid dreaming, but… when I ask around I know very few people who actually remember their dreams when the awake in the morning, whereas I always know just enough to give a detailed description of what adventure I came across the night previous. Are my dreams so eccentrically amazing that my brain just records them for me to remember for all eternity rather than leave room for my calculus equations or is there something more underneath?a57bdd828e33468ac94d2c5d5b1ac5de.jpg

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Background Foreground Noground Moreground

I don’t think I’ve ever really mentioned this but I really like clothes. Now I don’t always dress the part, mostly because there’s a certain… stigma… behind dressing nicely. If you don’t dress up nicely every day, the days you do dress up you get a million comments about how you “look so nice today” or asking the “reason you’re all dolled up” which I absolutely hate with every bane of my existence. And then there’s the idea if you dress up nicely every day, the days you don’t you get asked if you’re “sick” or “going through a rough time” which is also really sucks. I absolutely hate it. And I started thinking… why is this a thing? Where did this… aura of dressing up nicely come from? Well here’s my idea.

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