RMS Titanic By Adam Young

One of my favorite feelings in the world is when you listen to a song and you can feel the music pulse throughout your body as you listen. I love the chill I get when the notes hit an eerie tune or the pounding in my chest that follows the dramatic beat of the drum. When my breath gets caught in my chest and I can physically feel my body going cold because of the perfect combination of piano and whatever other instrument. I was never the best music student, but let me tell you, I’m a wonderful music fan.


Now I want to talk about a certain score that has caught my attention recently. RMS Titanic by the very talented Adam Young, also known for his beautiful works under the alias Owl City. If you haven’t gotten around to listening to Adam’s latest projects yet I seriously recommend it. Not only is RMS Titanic a beautiful masterpiece, but his previous score, Apollo 11, is one heck of a sound too. I don’t even think I can find the right words the describe these works, but I’m going to try my best to do these musical masterpieces justice.

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I Love Dragons, but I’m aHEAD of Myself…

If those of you following my blog haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of an art fanatic, and as of my latest art project, we’ve been making heads–not just any heads. Dragon heads. Now, the process that we used was we made wire frames and paper mache’d over them and added different materials to add texture.

Photo Feb 09, 11 53 01 AM

The result? Really rad dragon heads. From left to right, the materials used to create the outside textures were, some cool rough fabrics, feathery boas, sandpaper, twine, and just leaves and grass and such. With such simple materials, the outcome was spectacular.

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Of Music and Art

I’m not sure if anyone’s seen this video yet, but I just really like it because it’s got a very nice, cool tune and the video’s just really relaxing in general, I tend to like to watch it when I’m stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious, etc because it just kinda calms me down, but not only is it a very well done video that catches the eye and ear, but in general the message just kind of stands out to me.

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