RMS Titanic By Adam Young

One of my favorite feelings in the world is when you listen to a song and you can feel the music pulse throughout your body as you listen. I love the chill I get when the notes hit an eerie tune or the pounding in my chest that follows the dramatic beat of the drum. When my breath gets caught in my chest and I can physically feel my body going cold because of the perfect combination of piano and whatever other instrument. I was never the best music student, but let me tell you, I’m a wonderful music fan.


Now I want to talk about a certain score that has caught my attention recently. RMS Titanic by the very talented Adam Young, also known for his beautiful works under the alias Owl City. If you haven’t gotten around to listening to Adam’s latest projects yet I seriously recommend it. Not only is RMS Titanic a beautiful masterpiece, but his previous score, Apollo 11, is one heck of a sound too. I don’t even think I can find the right words the describe these works, but I’m going to try my best to do these musical masterpieces justice.

Not only is the album art fantabulous, the works of the ever so talented James R. Eads, whose style is not only gorgeous, but also whose work I’d love to buy if I actually had money in my budget, which I will try my best to find, the music itself is breathtaking. Adam’s Project has been to create conceptual film scores for different stories, to get stories out there in a musical form. His entire story can be read here, as I don’t think I could do his words justice. So far there’s only two scores in his portfolio, Apollo 11 and RMS Titanic, but I truly am excited to see what he has coming for us in the future.

RMS Titanic is the story of the one and only Titanic, the invincible ship who went out to sea, hit an iceberg and resulted in the loss of countless lives. A historical event that truly shook the world. I truly think his score really captures the experience of the titanic. The film score truly helps make a move and it does a huge role in displaying feeling and emotion of a movie. And while listening to RMS Titanic, I really felt like I was a part of that journey.

From the joyous tunes of Southampton and Boarding, I could feel myself coming in for the ride, ready for what was in store for the future. I could physically feel my body go cold as The Iceberg began to play, feeling my body shake as the Sinking brought me under the waves of the icy water. Of course I could feel a numbness in my body as Silence and Survivors played. I felt myself shaking as I finished listening, only guessing what it would have been like. Of course that is such a romanticization of the actual Titanic tragedy, however by shining light on the event through music, we can really look and learn from events that happened in the past.

The musical score is always one of my favorite parts of the movie because, I really feel like the musical score really defines the movie. People never really give the music and those who create it enough credit, because… when listening to the movie soundtrack, I always seem to suddenly find myself in the footsteps of my favorite characters… experiencing… feeling… noticing… understanding. The music sets the tone and the adventure. The adventure lives with the music, the life lives with the music. Life is filled with sound and wonder, so that’s why I think music is so important, because it creates a surrounding sound…it builds the scene.

I really think that’s what RMS Titanic did for me. I think it really put me in place… it dropped me in the middle of the ocean to feel what was going on. Cold hands and numb body, entirely immersed in freezing cold water… I could almost feel it. That’s what good music can do to you.
Honestly, everyone should listen to this track, it’s one of my favorites from Adam’s entire discography so far. I really enjoyed listening to it, and I really think that… this is one of Adam’s masterpieces.


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