I Love Dragons, but I’m aHEAD of Myself…

If those of you following my blog haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of an art fanatic, and as of my latest art project, we’ve been making heads–not just any heads. Dragon heads. Now, the process that we used was we made wire frames and paper mache’d over them and added different materials to add texture.

Photo Feb 09, 11 53 01 AM

The result? Really rad dragon heads. From left to right, the materials used to create the outside textures were, some cool rough fabrics, feathery boas, sandpaper, twine, and just leaves and grass and such. With such simple materials, the outcome was spectacular.

Now, It wasn’t just the dragon heads that I wanted to talk about. I wanted to also talk about the posing and the pictures we took with the dragon heads.

Photo Feb 09, 11 55 29 AM

We did a photoshoot around our school campus as dragon students doing regular things and played with different angles to make the photos more dynamic.

Photo Feb 09, 11 57 55 AM.jpg

And as a result we really added more life into the photos, especially because we couldn’t use our faces to create expression, we really had to work more with our body language.

Photo Feb 09, 11 59 05 AM

Now what do dragon heads really have to do with anything? Well, I like to think that it has to do with art, and whatever. I really think that creating more with your art and becoming more dynamic and working with more out there ideas is really awesome. A teacher of mine told me that in college he took a photography class where he’d just go around taking pictures in ridiculous costumes doing regular things and by working with the body to create different poses to direct expression, it really made the photos, and I really think that’s exemplified in the photos we created here as well.

Photo Feb 09, 12 00 37 PM

I mean I guess I just wanted to talk about this because art. Art is a really great motive to do anything. I know when we were walking around, people were asking us questions like, “Hey why are you guys doing something so ridiculous?” and our reply was just “because art.” And I think I’d like to start that up as a new thing. Why do we do anything? Because art. Art is a good enough reason in my opinion to really start anything up.

Photo Feb 09, 12 03 12 PM.jpg

Anyways, just start doing stuff for the sake of art and who knows maybe somethign really cool will result.


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