Food Fight, Self Fight?

One of my favorite movies of all time is food fight. Now, if you’ve never seen food fight, it’s one of the worst movies to like… imagine… ever possibly being created, but why do I like it so much you may ask? I think it may have started as an ironic like, sort of like “oh yeah I like food fight, lol” but as that kept on, I found out that I genuinely enjoyed it. Now I ask myself? What exactly do I really like about food fight?hqdefault

Now let me explain Food Fight. It’s a movie about those little icons (the “ikes” as they call themselves) on food products, for example the iconic Mr. Clean, or a mascot for some cereal, or the kid on the cracker jack box, those are all ikes and they all live in this supermarket. One day this new brand comes in and starts taking over yadda yadda yadda, it’s a big adventure with a dogtective who’s out to find the love of his life who had gone missing months earlier and also to save the jobs of many icons who are losing to brand X.

The fun thing about Food Fight though is, originally it was supposed to be this really cool cgi animated movie with all these cool effects and was really nicely done at first, but the entirety of its footage got stolen so they redid the movie in a very low-budget, unsatisfying manner and it got branded as one of the worst movies ever put into production.

But why do I like it you ask? That I have yet to understand myself. Maybe it’s the quirky characters, like the dogtective with a tragic past, but the will to redeem himself in other ways and save his friends, or the daredevil chocolate squirrel who’s a bit of a nut, but always comes through in the end for his friends, or the complicated villain who is only the way she is because she was rejected in the first place and honestly to goodly only looks for appreciation and approval, but in the end her sins are weighed against her and she is forced back into her previous form. Undesireable. Unwanted.

Maybe it’s none of that. Maybe it’s just so bad, I just ended up liking it just because. And it’s that thinking process that makes me wonder how weird that is. I tell myself I like something for long enough, and it turns out I do like it. To be honest, the very first runthrough of food fight, I kind of hated it. It was bad, it was strange, it was… not my style movie, but as I started to like it ironically, and keep telling myself that I liked it… well the next few times I watched it, I enjoyed it. In fact I have it on my Ipad now because I enjoy it so much. it’s actually a movie i spend time watching in my free time.
So what is the moral… Tell yourself you like things and you’ll like them eventually? Well I like to think I was actually going somewhere deep with this, like… a sort of… fake it til you make it approach. Sometimes, you’re not the best version of yourself that you can be, and that… it’s kind of hard to find the good things about yourself. Confidence is hard to come by in a world like today where you’re constantly trying to push and shove against thousands of other individuals who are probably doing a better job than yourself… but… if you keep your chin and hold yourself a little taller, a little prouder, a little more… you… well… it’s actually a little thing that goes a long way. Keep yourself surrounded by positivity until it becomes true. I guess… that’s all I wanted to say.


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