Look How Far We’ve Come!

I think I’m just going to come right out and say this, this post is going to be a little sentimental, and I just want to look back at the past year that I’ve been blogging. Like, wow it’s hard to believe I’ve been running this blog for about a whole year now, and I just… I find that really incredible because I couldn’t believe I would actually make it this far honestly. So I guess this is going to a bit of a throwback post, even if it’s not Thursday just yet, so sit back and look how far we’ve come since the beginning.

I find it weird to think how much this blog has evolved since I first started blogging way back when, last year. And just, I’ve really enjoyed my time blogging. My very first blog post wasn’t exactly the cream of the crop, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere right?

At first, I think I started with blogging about whatever the heck I felt like, like my topics were just very everywhere, and it seemed that there was no correlation between posts. At first I thought I wanted to just make this blog about… whatever. I wanted to blog about whatever topics came to mind, current events, just honestly whatever was going on, and I thought I could run a blog like that, but honestly, I don’t think I was really having as much fun as when I started talking about things I was really passionate about. Things like Animation, Working in Animation, Cartoons, and others along those lines, and just… I think when I decided I wanted to post mainly about animation, and cartoons and my opinions on all that junk, I think that’s when I really started dedicating to this blog, and that’s when I really started enjoying it, and had such a great time writing about things I really loved and was passionate about.

But even so, even when you’re really passionate about something, sometimes I guess you hit rough patches. I had a big of a bad month not too long ago, and just I suppose you could say I had no inspiration to write, actually I had little inspiration to do anything. It was just overall awful, which is why I was gone until recently, but I’m trying my best to pick myself back up.

Honestly, I hope I can keep up with this blog, because I want to keep writing about what I’m passionate about, and that’s animation and cartoons, and well all that other kiddie junk. It’s stuff I really want to inform people about and sort of get the information out there. I want people to be able to read my work and hopefully get something out of it, whether it be a new love of something they perhaps never even thought they would like, or information about a job they might want in the future, etc etc. And just… I hope my critiques on the animation industry and my opinions really reach someone, and that they make a difference. That’s all I really want I guess, to make a difference, even in the littlest, tiniest form.

I think that… writing about a topic you’re passionate about really helps get out more words, even if your works become lengthy, your work will be good if its something you know a lot about and something you really love. I know I have a few blog posts that barely scratch 300 words, because well, I just… wasn’t really into what I was writing. And then I have posts that are almost 2000 words, maybe that’s not a lot for someone who’s a really avid writer, but for me, a person with the attention span of perhaps a fish, well that gets to be a lot. And when I write about something I love, the words seem to just… flow out of my keyboard and they tend to just… come out. It’s like… this is a bit of a strange example, but like pooping. If you love and take care of your body, put lots of effort into healthy habits and such, you will have a very nice smooth poop, but if you’re trying to force it out, well things aren’t going to be so pretty.

I thought… the blogging community was really fun because I could sort of just shout out my passions into the wind and see who would hear me yelling almost.

Like… talking to your friends about stuff you love is different, like sometimes they’ll act interested, but you really know they’re just nodding along because you care about it, and just… the fact that I can just write up this entire post, put a couple tags and wait, and hope that someone will read it, that someone will come and comment and like my blog posts, and the idea someone will see it and think, wow this person really put heart into it, and actually listen to my words… I think that’s my favorite feeling. The idea that someone’s out there reading my stuff, not because they have to, because they find it genuinely interesting. Someone thinks I’m interesting.

And just… I hope to keep writing. That I’ll find more topics that can be used broadly, because well, I guess animation can be applied to real life too. I’ll try to find topics to write about that maybe apply to a broader spectrum of topics than just animation, but I can try and use animation as an allegory or something, I don’t know.

Anyways, it’s been a lovely year and I thank everyone who has been reading my blog posts, whether it be recently or from the beginning.



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