Welcome Summer! And Hello Finals!

It’s been awhile since my last blog post, I’ve had a bit of a rough patch this past few weeks, but i’m starting to get back in the swing of things and I think I’d like to mass post a few things. I’m gonna start off with introducing the recent CalArts final animations from this past semester, about a month late, but hey I found a few really great ones that I simply love honestly.

This first one is about, well, art coming to life, and battling deadlines if it wasn’t evident from the title! Four students from completely different fields come together to help everyone finish their final animations!

This next one is about a giant girl living in a world of birds, who just wants to be accepted!

This animation is about a little creature who has trouble with his arms and just wants a high five.

And honestly, there’s so many more videos I could show you guys and just–honestly, I love looking at final animations. A few of my friends who go to art school currently, their final animations turned out just swimmingly, and to think you have all these people working together on one final project.

Sure, the animation doesn’t look like much, but just look through the credits, look how many people put time and effort into such an animation. People dedicated time and love into these animations, and the sad part is people are always telling me how easy animating must be, how you just draw the same thing over and over again. And just.. obviously anyone who says that actually has no idea how animation is done. It takes time, teamwork, and overall dedication.

Have you ever stayed behind during a motion picture and just… looked at the credits, perhaps after seeing an animation movie, or really any movie, but I guess I’m focusing on Animation here. Just look through the credits and see how many people went into making such a movie exist. The Iron Giant, a movie that holds so dear to my heart, if you haven’t seen it I definitely suggest you do because it’s such a heartwarming story about how even the unlikeliest of heroes can stand up for the greater good, and overall it’s so underrated, I’ve counted myself and the Iron giant had around 524 animators working on it, and who knows I probably miscounted! The animation field is so vast, so beautiful–I just think that it’s deeply under appreciated.

Maybe I’m just gushing about something I’m so passionate about, but hey, it’s a really cool field. Around… Novemberish last year, I had the opportunity to go and talk with real animators who work in the television field. There were like over 50 little cubicles, each with its own animator who had their own job, from background artist, to character designer, and it was more than obvious everyone was having a great time and loving their jobs. Animators work so hard–I talked with some leads for the show Sofia the first and a new show coming out on Disney Junior, the Lion Guard, and they told us how they were writing scripts and starting on storyboards for episodes that weren’t even going to air for another 3 years!

Like working so hard when whatever you’re going to do isn’t even going to be shown to people for another 3 years?! That’s crazy! And like, if it takes that long for a 30 minute episode, think about how long it must take to make a movie! Mulan took like…. 5 years to make because they had a story that didn’t work and then they lost a couple million dollars because they had to redo everything from scratch, and overall I think that all this stuff is crazy how an industry can be so cool.

I’m not sure if I’m making sense, but I think its more than obvious I really love all this.


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