I don’t know if anyone’s seen this yet, but I’m really excited for this project to come out.

Not only is there a person of color as the protagonist, the animation overall is so fluid and clear, its just so smooth I could die. The backgrounds are beyond beautiful and just… just… wow that sound… that music… it just gave me chills.

Though it is not a full blown project yet, we don’t even know if its going to make a full length feature film yet, I’m really excited and I have my hopes up. I’m so sick and tired of seeing so many plain white protagonists in every single piece of media I see. I’m just plain bored of all the same stories over and over again. Especially in animation.

I want something new. I want people to push the limits of animation and just– I want heavier characters, I want disabled characters, I want MOGAI (Marginalized Orientations, Gender Identities, and Intersex, similar to LGBT, but a much more including acronym) characters, I want representation!!!!!!

I am, myself, a woman of color. An asian female of color… And just… I’m sick of all those tropes. The dragon lady. The quiet respectful flower. The martial artist. The gangster. The rebellious girl with one streak of her hair dyed… It’s just I’m so sick of it all. That’s stereotyping. I want diversity. I want three dimensional characters–I’m not saying those characters are bad, I’m just saying that once you see them one too many times… you get a little more than mad.

And just… the world is so mixed, especially in america. I hate that–that in television, movies, media, whatever, they focus primarily on white or light skinned people, and I just think that people of all sorts should get some sort of spotlight. That everyone is beautiful and that everyone deserves the chance to shine.

I want to see more representation on television because, I deserve to be able to look on TV and see someone to looks like and reminds me of me.

Representation matters.

And like this video brings me to tears because just… I feel like I understand?

Children learn a lot from television, and just… sometimes it makes things easier when the characters remind you of yourself. Because there’s a young girl out there who is questioning why she doesn’t like boys like all her friends do and she can watch Avatar and think, oh Korra and Asami like girls too… Or she can watch Adventure Time and think there’s Marceline and Bubblegum. A young girl who’s overweight for her age, who looks on television, and sees Rose Quartz from Steven Universe, and sees how she’s such a beautiful, graceful character who’s surrounded by people who love her and that even whens he’s gone, there’s people who care for her still.

I read an article not too long ago about a young girl who was losing her eyesight, and as her mother was crying, she comforted her mother saying– “Don’t worry mom, I’ll be strong like Toph!” and just… Representation matters so much. Because¬†we live in a world that being different is negative, and that your flaws make you and just… seeing someone who looks and acts like you and is similar to you… it makes the world feel a little less lonely.

Please put more diversity in animation. Please make more beautiful animations about people of color like Kariba.


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