If Marvel Makes a Female ‘Teen Titans,’ This Should Be The Epic Lineup

This lineup is so rad!? I really REALLY love how Kamala Khan was added, because honestly, she’s just so perfect as Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel. The new Thor was a really lovely touch as well. Personally, if we’re going from any universe, I’d probably add supergirl myself. I know, a little cliche, but hey she’s so lovely honestly. Supergirl or the Scarlet Witch, though if you’re putting together a team of younger, teenage heroes, Scarlet Witch is a bit iffy. Honestly though, this lineup is beyond perfect, and everything I could have hoped for. I’m genuinely in love! I’m going to keep tabs on that new “female teen titans” though, it definitely sounds like a very interesting new series.

Jon Negroni

I love it when Marvel creates new and interesting female characters that represent a twist in established universes. In recent years, they’ve written some incredible stories with these new superheroes (and villains).

And this year, Marvel announced an all-star team up of heroines led by She-Hulk. The core lineup consists  of Dazzler, Medusa, Singularity, and Nico Minoru. Though there are plenty more Marvel favorites that will make appearances, as you can see from the cover below.

female teen titans marvel

Now, I’m a big fan of Teen Titans, the D.C. storylines surrounding the younger counterparts to bigger heroes. I’m not a comic-book writer, and I don’t want to be constrained to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So I propose a killer animated TV series that puts “Teen Titans Go” to shame. I would call it, Teen Avengers. 

Yeah, I know. Original.

This new lineup would have to be a shakeup of relatively new characters and new twists on older…

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