I’m Mad Because… Lack of Respect of Animation


(source avannak @ tumblr; permission was given by the artist)

I get really mad when it comes to the lack of respect the animation field gets in… like… everything. Usually the perspective is… oh… it’s for kids… and we shouldn’t pay much attention to it— we don’t have to actually watch those movies that were nominated for awards, let’s just hand it off to Disney because that was probably a great movie.

I mean… Big Hero 6 was lovely… but… honestly… what it was up against? How to Train Your Dragon 2, which dreamworks pushed all the boundaries of CGI animation, it was beautifully done and just… gosh… Dreamworks figured out how to animate muscles underneath the skin and worked out how to create all these beautiful details and just… I think it deserved so much more recognition than it got. And the story! How to Train Your Dragon had such a lovely storyline and music and just… Obviously I’m not a professional critic, but I mean I’m pretty upset it didn’t get all the recognition it deserved.

Let’s not forget Boxtrolls, which was created using stop motion and was so fluid and smooth and… honestly LAIKA just outdid themselves this time, Boxtrolls was simply gorgeously done… now when it comes to storyline, it didn’t hit me as much as How to Train Your Dragon or Big Hero 6 did, but it was still up there, but I mean it’s not the first time LAIKA got robbed of an award, I still can’t believe Coraline didn’t win anything because not only was it based off such a really incredible story (I don’t remember the exact quote but Neil Gaiman himself said something about how Coraline was such a strange story because it was an adventure for children, but a nightmare to adults… something along those lines) and so much work and detail went into making such beautiful— all of the outfits in Coraline were hand knitted with tiny little knitting needles, and that’s just incredible to me.

Academy awards for Animation should be taken with a grain of salt because the people who give the awards in the category, they don’t even watch all of the nominations most of the time, which makes me mad because all these movies had so much love and time and care put into them—which is why they got nominated in the first place, because they were great movies! Apparently though, since the target audience is children, they should just toss the award to the latest Disney film and be done with it.

I’m just… sick and tired of all this… When will there be a little more respect.

I dunno this was just kind of a quick rant.


3 thoughts on “I’m Mad Because… Lack of Respect of Animation

  1. Holy Moly, did you just hit the nail right on its little head. I hate how all the Academy Awards and whatevers always go to DISNEY while the other companies go practically unnoticed. Movies like the ones you mentioned, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Coraline, and the Boxtrolls, my god, were they great. The effort required to make a stop-motion film is unimaginable. And Dreamworks has been at the top of my animating powers list and the movies they release are incredible but they are also incredibly under appreciated. For me it’s the How to Train Your Dragon movies and Rise of the Guardians. All were beautiful movies with jaw-dropping animation and a plot cheesy enough for the kids yet complex enough for the other age groups.

    All in all, I just really want to get rid of this movie capitalism and give some of the love to companies other than Disney.


    • I feel you, like overall I’m just kinda sick of Disney and their decent movies getting all the praise, its like… i mean… there’s other companies and just… wow the academy awards suck, but like…. Animation awards shouldn’t be taken seriously tbh because they are so bias


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