I’m Mad Because…Cartoon Network


While being one of my favorite television networks because of their production of a few very wonderful, very solid shows, Cartoon Network also happens to be one of my most hated networks because of their blatant sexism and overall ability to make me very angry.

Cartoon Network is notorious for taking shows off the air for “poor ratings” or so they seem. In actuality, many of the shows they take off air tend to have one thing in common. High female audiences. More specifically, teenage female audiences. Just to name a few off the top of my head: Teen Titans, Young Justice, and Green Lantern— just a few special ones close to my heart.

What angers me most is that even though these shows were targeted towards younger, male audiences, the shows were still doing well towards females, and they still took them off air. Unbelieveable. I don’t like all these… gender roles being enforced. The fact that girls can’t like a thing without it being taken from them or being made fun of.

It’s already hard enough for girls to enjoy more… masculine oriented things, comics and superheroes being one of the most heavily guarded by the “nerd gatekeepers.” Cartoon Network is just… enforcing that. Honestly, it’s just awful, and overall I see it as sexist.

And now they’re dragging down another show. There are rumors about Steven Universe being cancelled… and honestly that’s just awful.

Steven Universe is such a beautifully done show that deals with so many things from gender identities to social anxiety to well… it touches many subjects and that’s just wonderful. What sucks is that, they’re taking this away from the younger audiences who enjoy the show and taking away that sort of representation can cause— someone like me.

It’s so hard to deal with being different as a kid, sure they tell you everyone is unique, everyone is… themselves, but in reality they want you to fit into these neat little cookie cutter molds of people and… and if you don’t fit you’re ousted, outcast, sometimes disowned. Watching TV and finding there are characters dealing with things like you… emotions and feelings like you… makes facing the world a little less scary. There is someone you can relate to… to look up to…

Representation is beautiful and so important to everyone, from teenagers to kids and even to adults and the fact Cartoon network would even think about taking that away from a child is a crime.

I want more… more queer characters in media, more disabled characters, more characters of different ethnic backgrounds, ESPECIALLY IN CHILDRENS CARTOONS because maybe it seems silly… but it makes growing up a little easier and it makes kids a little more understanding and it makes the world a little more loving.

And it makes people feel important.


6 thoughts on “I’m Mad Because…Cartoon Network

  1. This happens in all popular culture arenas. Young female audiences are considered inferior to all other types of audiences. As if a teenage girl’s likes and interests are more trivial and unimportant than everyone else’s? Love this post.

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