Like Geodes, We Must Break People


Whether it be in writing or in life, one rule seems to always hold true. To figure out what a person is made of, like a geode, we must break them.

We must break them because that is the how you figure out their potential, what they’re really made of. If we simply leave them, there would be no character development, we would never be able to see the beauty within them, and I think that’s terrible.

One of my favorite parts about people is that there’s so many different layers and pieces to them, you just never know what you might find.

Recently I had a conversation with a close friend about who she was and her personality and all that jazz and she was telling me how she was developing as a person.

When I met her she was an incredibly nervous and timid person and she’s just blossomed in the past 3 years I’ve known her into this confident able young woman, just every time I see her, I think you can see the pride in my eyes because she’s just changed so much, she has grown up so much.

Oh man how she’s grown up in these past 3 years, but I think the most important part of her growing as a person was all the risks she’s taken.

She was a very quiet and introverted, but she went for all these activities, she pushed her limits through Student Government, she became a cheerleader, worked hard through National Honor Society, all the while juggling school and her responsibilities at home.

Now that might not seem like much, but all this was a very huge step for her and at first she was very overwhelmed and overall she felt like she couldn’t make it, she has gotten so strong.

There are so many times she broke down to me, telling me how it was so hard and just… I admire her so much she’s just incredible.

I think people need to take risks. I think people need to stop being so comfortable where they are and try to jump on more opportunities to better themselves no matter the consequences because they will just help build upon you as a person later. Because if you can get past this you can get past anything.

When she realized how much she changed as a person she told me she was afraid of this change within her because since she was transitioning from someone more reserved and shy into one more outgoing and confident, she was worried of what people might think of the change in her.

I told her a quote by Bernard Baruch, “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

Because all in all people who make fun of you for developing as a person and figuring yourself out won’t matter in the long run because those who truly matter will just encourage you along the way, to hammer away at your personality until you find your dazzling jewels within you.

Your experiences are important and valid. Push yourself, break yourself-because you don’t know what you might find.


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