Water to Water, Youth to Youth

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Have you ever watched raindrops fall onto a car windshield, how they drop and climb onto bigger raindrops. And maybe there’s a similar reason why youth connect with youth.

I don’t have words to explain how much this quote means to me because it just… has so many layers behind it. I don’t even know where to begin…

Personally I feel like it has to do with finding solace in not only yourself but others like you. More often than not it’s really hard to confide in those of a different generation, just…¬†parents and teachers and counselors… they tell you to confide in them, to trust them… but sometimes it’s so hard because its hard because I feel like even if they’re hearing all this information, they aren’t listening. I’m yelling but they aren’t getting my message… I find myself less comfortable with talking every time I speak to someone of a different generation than I, because they just… don’t… I feel… attacked.

My feelings are incorrect, I don’t understand what I’m talking about, my opinions are wrong… I feel myself receding into my shell further, sharing less, locking my door more, silence is key, if you aren’t talking, there can’t possibly be anything wrong. If I stay quiet… If I stick on a smile… everything will be okay. Just fake it.

I find it easier to open up to people my own age because I feel like they’re more likely to understand me. It’s easier to voice my opinions among those in my age group, easier to lead discussions, talk about things that matter to me. I find myself able to open up. I find myself able to learn from others as well as teach my own ideas. I feel… safe… accepted… Youth goes to youth because age brings apathy and judgement.

I think the funny part about Youth is that it doesn’t necessarily have to go by age either. People can be physically young, but mentally aged, while people can be physically old and mentally youthful.

Youth is more… a way you live your life… with wide eyes and wonder and love and compassion and caring, it’s a lifestyle.

Age is… wisdom… in some senses, but sometimes it also brings negativity and to me it’s overall unhelpful.

I’d rather find solace in youth because youth is strong. People with youthful personalities are those who live with an open mind and open heart.

I feel like… those who are aged aren’t really helpful… they… more… tell you what is to be done, but don’t go any further.

I’ve been taught that being wrong is bad, that if I am wrong I will be impacted negatively, that is just how I grew up, thus I have grown to have a great fear, a phobia if you will, of being incorrect.¬†Honestly, I get panic attacks just from ordering at a restaurant sometimes, because I’m afraid I’ve gotten the wrong thing… It’s just… really stressful, honestly one of the worst types of fears you can have.

It is the aged people in my life that have created this line of thinking for me, who have created punishment for being wrong and the overall idea that I have to reach some sort of standard of perfection, or else I am not worthy or praise or ever affection from anyone.

Youthful people created the phrase “keep moving forward” because even if you make a mistake that mistake does not define you and you are still you and you can work harder to better yourself.

This is why I find solace in youth because I don’t want to be scared anymore.

Youth goes to youth because the amount of aged people in the world really outnumber the youth.

Youth finds solace in Youth because if Youth doesn’t believe in Youth who will?

Not sure if you understand my interpretation of the quote… it makes a little more sense in my head… but… Maybe you’ll think. Youth might not be such a bad thing.


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