Meat Buns

Lemme tell an interesting story. The first time I went to Hawaii, we happened to go during the wet season, so it was just very rainy and icky, overall it was fun but man when it rains there it’s really weird, like it rains for like 2 seconds and stops and a couple minutes later it rains again and the suns still out but its raining still and, lemme just say its trippy as heck.


So Hawaii is a beautiful place with lots of interesting tourist attractions, and it just sort of has that beautiful appeal to it, I mean where else can you go to a beautiful exotic land, and not even need to take out your passport cuz it’s still in the US? I remember going to Hawaii and it was raining. It was raining and we wanted to get something warm to eat. So we drive around the island trying to find something to eat, and we find this little stand selling “meat buns.” Well… okay… meat buns… that’s…. interesting… So we go to buy the meat buns right, and we eat a few like, Hey this is really good. And we start wondering… what kind of meat is this? It’s Hawaii so really anything can happen, basically it can be anything. Don’t get me wrong the buns were delicious, some of the best I’ve ever had, but we couldn’t help but be a little more than suspicious about what we put into our bodies.

Basically we were a little spooked, like we had no idea if we were eating beef or dog, I mean California just let its first restaurant sell dog meat not too long ago, maybe Hawaii allowed that like forever ago, who knows what goes down in Hawaii.

In the end we went back to the stand to get more buns because they were just too good to resist, I mean you can’t fight the urge to eat, food is love, food is life, but I still wonder sometimes what exactly was in those buns. Just a little curious is all. Sometimes I like to think it was just like pork or something, but… you never know.

That’s my story and I am hungry.


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