Of Music and Art

I’m not sure if anyone’s seen this video yet, but I just really like it because it’s got a very nice, cool tune and the video’s just really relaxing in general, I tend to like to watch it when I’m stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious, etc because it just kinda calms me down, but not only is it a very well done video that catches the eye and ear, but in general the message just kind of stands out to me.

In the beginning there was nature, and it was beautiful. It flourished and bloomed until development came along. At first nature and development tried to work together, but sadly that isn’t so easy. In the end development just sorts of not only hurts the beauty around us.

And I just think that’s so powerful, considering all that’s been happening as of late, and the struggle to help and save the environment just gets tougher day by day.

I mean I guess the point of this blogpost wasn’t really to talk about nature, but it’s really something to bring up of course, but maybe in a future blog post, but like… I don’t like how people say art is useless…. Art and music have such a powerful impact on everyday life… and just to live in a world without music and art is utterly ridiculous.

Artist create, they can see beauty in where there seems to be a void, and use that to make something bigger… something… incredible. I think that being able to do that sort of thing… to see more where there is not… I think that’s a gift, the most valuable gift.

I think people underestimate the power of art and how it affects our daily lives and how it can have such an impact on you and me and everyone because it’s just there. Being an artist… everyone has potential to be an artist, but I think it really depends on whether or not you use that potential to do something greater.

Art is powerful and I think it should be appreciated a little more.


Idea for the blogpost came from reading this post right here if you wanna check it out.


One thought on “Of Music and Art

  1. A yearbook person asked me a question a few days ago. It was, ” What is one societal norm you want to challenge? ” And I told her, ” That all artists are starving crazies who haven’t worked in years and have no money. The world will always need art to make it more beautiful and thought provoking. “


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