I’m Angry Because . . . Public Proposals

I mean… Okay they’re cute… but actually think about it. 

Imagine if you were dating this person for awhile, and all of a sudden they propose to you in public or in front of a large group of friends or just around a lot of people in general… like… wouldn’t you feel pretty pressured to say yes? Like… you like them… and you like dating them… but you aren’t ready to be tied down just yet, you aren’t ready to marry them, but all of a sudden they do this big proposal in front of a lot of people and suddenly… you feel like you can’t say no because of this, because if you reject them after their big extravaganza you’re suddenly the bad guy.

I basically have no sympathy for anyone who proposes to someone in public and gets shot down because, no, that person is not entitled to marry you.

I recently read this article about a man proposing to his girlfriend by buying 99 iphones.


I just wanna start this with saying… what is she going to do with 99 iphones? But overall, she was put into a very uncomfortable situation around people, most likely strangers to her, where she would have felt the immense pressure to say yes to the proposal by her boyfriend, who she may not even like that much.

Just read the comments, it was a pretty dumb move on his part, doing something so dumb on impulse.

I mean… Public proposals are cute when they say yes… But think about it in a rational point of view.

You’re asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you in public around all these people when you don’t even know if they want to spend the next week with you.

I just have no pity to anyone who would do such a thing and get rejected. It’s just so much pressure on a person and overall borderline abusive?

I think I’ve said all my thoughts on the subject.


3 thoughts on “I’m Angry Because . . . Public Proposals

  1. My feelings exactly. I also feel the same about kiss cams. Kisses are special yknow? To me they are anyway. Not as important as proposals, but they are significant in a way.


  2. Okay, I’m so glad I came across this post. I’ve thought about this every time I’ve seen people propose in public like on t.v. shows. That’s crazy and it really would pressure the other into saying yes. It’s an extremely uncomfortable situation to be in and they should really think about that before they decide to announce something like that to the whole world to hear and expect the answer to always be a yes. It’s not fair at all and really insensitive, no matter how romantic it looks to the audience.


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