Online Friends: Fact or Fiction?

I hate the idea that just because you meet someone online they’re automatically a nutcase or a psychopath ready to add you to their kill list, I mean, there are like 7 billion people on earth just like you and me. 7 billion possible connections, possible friends.

When I first started using the internet I was extremely paranoid from all those stories floating around about people getting killed from stalkers on the internet, all that jazz, but as I explored and pushed my boundaries, I learned that maybe it isn’t so scary on the world wide web.

Connections Connections Connections, aren’t those the most important things in the world? If you want to get anywhere you’ve gotta have connections, and easiest way to get connections? The internet. I mean, the internet is so cool, I can instant message someone across the country, no across the world in real time and not have to wait 3-5 weeks for a letter or a package or whatever to return to me because I can just talk to them wherever.

Some of my best friends are people I’ve never met before, people who don’t even live within a thousand mile radius of me, all people I’ve met online. People who share similar interests with me from places like Colorado, New York, Michigan. Then there’s people friend different countries like Canada and the UK. I’ve even talked to people who don’t even speak the same first language as me, I’ve connected with people from Brazil, from Sweden, from the Philippines. It really is a small world, but it feels just a little bit closer when you have something as incredible and useful as the internet to bring people together.

But yet, even with all this cool technology people are still skeptical about the idea that just because I can’t physically touch and directly speak to my friends that it automatically doesn’t make them my friends?


Honestly I have formed closer bonds and connections to people I have met online than many of those I have met in real life, and all I can think is that if we didn’t meet through the internet, there would be no way for me to become so close with all these incredible people, and that scares me.

There are just so many possible connections and possibilities with having online friends and it’s just… people need to be more open minded about all that because it just makes the world a better place, a smaller place. The entire earth is your neighborhood and you should get to know each and every one of your neighbors. Meet as many people as you can because you never know how or when they’re going to play an important part in your life. Make friends, talk to people, make connections, don’t be afraid to start a conversation with a 16 year old girl in India or a 52 year old Japanese man. Listen and learn, their experiences, their stories, their lives, they’re all important. Don’t be afraid to spread your boundaries and learn about a person. All knowledge is good knowledge, there is no such thing as bad knowledge, so just sit down and listen, you may learn a thing or two.

All friends are real friends online or off. The conversations, the experience, and the connections made, those are all too real.


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