Of Fate and Folley


I feel like everyone’s touched on the subject of fate at least once in their lives, even if they weren’t aware they were wondering about it, but what is fate? I’d like to know. Who or what determines how we play in this game called life and what we are supposed to apply to it? How exactly are we supposed to supposed to achieve if it is already predetermined who will achieve and who will not? Is it possible to change your fate and if you do, was it your fate to change your fate?

Honestly there are so many questions to be answered, but so little information and data to back it up, but if there is no real sufficient data to back up this idea of “fate” how do we know it’s there? In reality we don’t. We have no idea if there is actually something greater out there controlling our lives, but we believe. Belief and faith have so much to do with fate, much like religion, but I don’t want to get into that now.

Now if we aren’t exactly sure what fate is and how it works, how exactly does it play into our day to day lives? Speaking theoretically, if fate does exist, it should be working every second of every hour of our days, making sure we do what we are supposed to correct? But if fate is real, does that mean we have no free will of our own? Are we doing things because we want to or because something out there has told us we want to? Do we even actually know what we want?

I say no. There is a saying that “you don’t know what you want until you’ve seen what you don’t want” which makes little to no sense to me. If you don’t know what you want, how do you know what you don’t want? Does this all tie into fate or am I crazy? Possibly, a little of both.

Suggesting that fate exists, not only would it tie into the things that go through our brains, but wouldn’t it also affect what happens outside as well? Fate would create natural disaster, wars, death, and so many other bad things, and my question is why? Why create only to destroy in the end, that simply makes no sense to me. I’m an artist, myself, and when I make something… when I create with my art… I don’t just throw it away, I like to keep it commemorate it. You don’t have a baby and then slam it to the ground as if you just made a touchdown, no, so why would “fate” create these… disasters to reek havoc on its own creations. I suppose some could say it’s to keep us in line, show us… who the real master is, who holds the real control. “Things happen for a reason,” after all.

I suppose I should touch on the idea of soulmates and love as well, as long as I’m talking about fate, I mean, I guess that’s what most people think about first when you say fate.

“Oh do you believe in fate?” as in do you believe in the idea that two people were destined to meat despite all odds on earth. This is one of the nicer aspects of fate, that I happen to like. I suppose it makes things more romantic in a sense that… You were fated to meet someone, it doesn’t even have to be romantically either… You were just fated to meet someone, they were just meant to be part of your life, maybe to teach you a lesson, to break you, to put you back together again. It just makes things feel… less lonely… perhaps… As if you’re fated to meant someone, someone is out there to enrich your life, whether you know it or not.

Notice how I said these fated people aren’t necessarily have to be romantic. Platonic soulmates are a thing as well, though most people call them “best-friends” I suppose, but I just don’t feel like that term fits it well enough. I just think there’s someone out there for everyone, just not in a romantic way. There are people who don’t want anything to do with romance… but they’ve still got that platonic soulmate, that their souls fit together perfectly, and you don’t even need to do all that gross huggy kissy stuff too.

I feel like I’m rambling a bit on that, but I was trying to use that “platonic soulmates” thing to set up another point I have about fate. ”

“Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” This commonly misquoted and misinterpreted proverb means that the bond you make with people who are important to you and you create bonds with yourself are stronger than those tied to your family. Now I’m not saying family isn’t important, family is important, but only to some people. Depending on the family and depending on the person, family isn’t always the number one thing on their mind. There are kids who dread going home and, contrary to popular belief, Mama does not always know best. This is why the bonds you create yourself are so important and matter just as much as any bond you have with your family. I suppose it was fate that you’re either born with your family or you find your own.

There are so many aspects of fate. There’s a physical side, there’s an emotional side, but all in all I think everyone’s fates are connected in one way or another. The bonds you make and the paths you take, all of those are compiled into one large mess which is you, and everyone around you is background noise in your story. I think we don’t really realize that, especially with all the hate and bias everywhere, that in the end all of us are people and we all have beating hearts. All our hearts beat and pump blood and that’s a part of fate too, because when your heart stops beating, you’re dead, right?

All in all I think I lost my initial point, digging into my thoughts. It’s alright to only listen to the romantic sides of fate, with the friendship and the love and all that, but you’ve gotta also remember there’s other sides as well. It’s fate that weird and bad things happen, even though we don’t want them to. It’s fate that people die, and some people kill themselves. It’s fate that we end up closer to some than we are others.

Fate is really complicated and I don’t think I could ever hope to explain it in one blog post, and maybe I’ll follow up, I don’t know, but it’s fate I’m writing this and it’s fate that you’re reading this. Everything is controlled by fate so don’t think for a sec that you’ve got anything close to a free will because there’s no such thing according to fate.



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